Adam Bulleid - VP, Business Development - Universal Music Group.

“Having worked with Tom for years I would trust him implicitly when it comes to capturing any of my artists.
His attention to detail, outside of the box thinking, and commitment to delivering consistently brilliant visuals
is second to none. Everyone needs a Tom O’D."


Paul Ramsdale - Head of Marketing,  JD Premium Fashion.

“Tom’s studious approach and professionalism is a pleasure to work with , with his eye for detail and understanding of the end use Tom O’D is a photographer of the highest calibre." 


David Habershon - Head of Marketing, Scotts Menswear.

“Tom brings energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to all shoots he has perfected for scotts menswear. Tom is extremely thorough from the production side of a shoot right through to the execution. He has successfully worked across multiple campaigns shooting with talent, models and still life that have featured in store windows, billboards and digital comms."


Steve McGauley - Creative Director, Liquid Agency.

"I’ve worked with Tom on some high pressured brand shoots over the past few years. What I love most about him is he’s able to adapt to any situation and consistently delivers a high level of content for his client. Top lad too."